Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Screenshots made Simple

I cannot tell you how many times a day I used a screen shots to make my life easier. For math, you need to be creative in how you can input equations into Google Forms, Kahoot, and even our data system called OARS. So to help keep my sane and to not have students have to figure out if 3 1/3 is three and one-third or thirty-one thirds screen shots of equations I write in Google Docs is a godsend! 
Is this more clear? I think so!

Now it wasn't until recently that I found out there are different kinds of screen shots!!! Some are saved as a file on your computer, some are just saved to your clipboard. Either way, its is good to know that you, and your students, have options!

Here is how you can take screenshots or screen captures on your personal device.

  • Whole screen - 
    • command + shift + 3 
      • This saves the image to your desktop (or downloads if you changed your settings). to put in document select insert image. 
  • Partial screen (saved to desktop) = use 4 instead of 3
    • command + shift + 4 
      • This saves the image to your desktop (or downloads if you changed your settings). to put in document select insert image. 
  • Partial screen (saved to clipboard) = add alt
    • alt+ command + shift + 4
      • This saves the image to your clipboard. When you get to a document just use the shortcut command⌘ or insert paste. Note this does not work for everything (including blogger ;-P)
  • Whole screen - 
    • ctrl + switch window  or ctrl + F5
      • This saves the image to your downloads folder. To put in a document select insert image and find the file. 
  • Partial screen (saved to desktop) = use 4 instead of 3
    • ctrl + shift + switch window or ctrl + shift + F5
      • This saves the image to your downloads folder. To put in a document select insert image and find the file.
  • Whole screen -  (saved as a file) 
    • Press PrtScn  or  fn + PrtScrn (if your print screen is another color you may need to click the function button "fn" to access it)
      • This saves the image to your screenshot folder under your pictures folder. To put in document select insert image.
  • Whole screen (saved to clipboard) 
    • windows logo key Windows logo key + PrtScn or windows logo key Windows logo key + fn + PrtScrn
      • This saves the image to your clipboard. When you get to a document paste where you would like.
  • Partial screen (saved to clipboard) 
    • alt + PrtScn  or alt + fn + PrtScrn
      • This saves the image to your clipboard. When you get to a document paste where you would like.

Now I also create flipped videos on my tablet it is also good to know how to screenshot what is on your tablet screen.

Apple iPad/iPhone - Press the power button and home key at the same time. You'll here a shutter sounds (like taking a picture) and the screen will flash white. Your screen shot is saved in your cameral roll in your photos.

Chromebook - Press the power button and volume down button at the same time. The image is in your Gallery App and in a screenshot folder. 

There are are also some amazing Chrome extensions that will allow you to take screen shots and even edit them. These are great so that no matter what device you may be using (if you use different types of devices at home/work) you can take a screen shots of what you need.

The one I've started using is Snagit. You can take a screen shot, even while scrolling, and there is also an ability to screen capture for a quick video. The biggest perk of this extension is that you can immediately edit the image and then it saves directly to your DRIVE! That way you don't need to clutter your desktop or forget about if you saved it properly. Everything is saved and no matter what device you are on you can access your images. What a deal!

I hope that helps you become a screenshot expert!!!!

~Mrs. Kondrick

Monday, January 18, 2016

How to deal with #GoogleEI rejection.

  • First off - congrats to all that got accepted into #GoogleEI #MTV16. This post is not to take away from your accomplishment!
If you are like me you received a very wonderfully written rejection letter saying you are not accepted into the Mountain View 2016 Google Certified Innovator Academy. If you are also like me you started the five stages of grieving. Now I know they are typically known as Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. That makes it seems so dark and morbid. I'd like to think of my stages more like the emotions of Disney/Pixar's Inside Out. Getting the e-mail (on my day off too) sent me through a roller coaster of Fear, Anger, Disgust, Sadness.... but then somehow... JOY.

So how did I get to JOY? Here are the things I focused on the most.

  • There are AMAZING people out in the world!

  • Rejection does mean I'm not an Innovator it just means there are other fantastic individuals out there that are just as passionate about changing the world of education. This is their turn to rock it out - not mine. My time will come, it just is not today

  • It is not about me 

  • Why should I be down when the outcome is to find innovative ways to connect educators to create better and more meaningful ways influence educator and the students we teach. Just becuase I am not part of the program doesn't mean that change isn't going to happen. 

  • Connect!
  • The first thing I did - after read through the waves of acceptance tweets and retweets - I went back and followed each and every person that applied and got into the program. The purpose of applying to the Google Innovator Program was to connect and work with passionate, driven, and optomistic individuals that wanted to create a better world for education. That can STILL happen! By following these amazing people I believe I have just created a stronger PLN. 

  • There is always next time.

  • This was the first of many Google Certificed Educator Programs. It seems there may even be another opprotunity to apply in March! All that means is to keep working. The program connects people ready to make a difference, not people would just want a pretty badge that says "Innovator." That means I need to keep doing what I'm doing and continue to try to change the world of education for my students. I plan to continue to blog, connect via Twitter chats, and continue presenting at #GAFEsummits and around my district.My husband asked "Are you bummed?"

  • You are allowed to be upset. Just do not let it consume you.

  • My husband asked if I was upset.I replied "Of course I was bummed, this is something I really want." He then smiled and said "I'm just glad that is present tense and you are not giving up. Not getting in this round will make it just that much sweeter when you do."He's right - but do not tell him I said that.... he'll get a big head ;-D

    In the end, so what....it was not my time - and maybe it wasn't yours. It doesn't mean you should stop trying, it means LETS CONNECT! COMMENT ON MY BLOG, FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER and GOOGLE+ even E-MAIL ME.  I want to work with you. Instead of sulking I want to work together we can make a difference! How could that not bring out the JOY in the situation? My journey isn't even close to being over.
    Rejection won't stop me! 
    I hope it doesn't stop you either.

    Monday, January 11, 2016

    Google Certified Innovator Application 2016.

    As I promised myself (a resolution as it were) I would blog about my adventures inside, and outside the classroom. I have a few blog posts cued up from some fun (and I deemed successful) math lessons but most recently my life has been consumed by my Google Certified Innovator Application.

    A little bit about Google Certified Innovator can be found on the Google for Education Trainer page.
    Be aware - this is not something you can apply to in about 15 minutes. It is for sure a commitment! You first need to pass the Google Educator Level two. Again this is not for the faint of heart. This 3-hour exam is the future of assessments! I signed a NDA so I can't give too much away but you are not just checking off multiple-choice questions you are CREATING the same way you use Google Applications every day!!! It does cost $10 but for me - I enjoyed EVERY second and I'd do it all over again (and I'll have to in 24 months to keep my certification). Check out my badge!!

    Now I doubt many people will read this but since this is my portfolio I thought I would share parts of my application! Now note you do not receive a copy of your submission, so if you plan to remember what you said - write it in a Google Doc! Luckily the Google for Edu website gives a great outline you can follow so you don't miss a beat.

    So here is my Ideal Learning Space - I used Paper 53 (WHAT AN AMAZING APP) and I got a little artsy. Then I uploaded it to make a thinglink - NERD ALERT! Feel free to poke around. (FYI how amazing that you can embed a thinglink in your blog?!)

    Then my Vision Slidedeck. I made it in Google Slides (as they asked). The goal was to "This is an opportunity to share your initial vision for an innovative solution to a current problem in education -- at any scale... from classroom concerns to global issues. Please articulate the problem you hope to solve, and explain your idea for an innovative solution. If you are selected to participate in the Innovator Program and attend the Innovation Academy, you will have the opportunity to iterate on this initial vision, so please focus more on exploring new possibilities with great potential rather than fleshing out a complete solution you're already confident in."

    And last but not least - my Vision in video form. You only get 1 min - HARDEST THING TO DO EVER! I decided to make mine in iMovie and upload straight to youtube. It's titled "WHY NOT ME?" It is about how I want to help and develop new shortcuts and Add-ons to make teacher's lives easier and save time so they will use technology more often and more efficiently in the classroom.

    It's not perfect - but who is?! I'm just happy and honored I got to selfishly take so much time to think about what I want to do in the future as an educator. How many times do we really take time to just think about changing the future?! No matter what I'll hear in a week. My hopes might be too high, as this is the first round of Google Certified Innovator and there are some AMAZING and innovative people out there, but no matter what I'm honored to have a chance to apply. The reason I applied is to join a community and even just in applying I've already met some great educators that want to make a different. I hope to meet a few of them one day.

    And of course - if I do - I'll share it with you.

    So that's a wrap! I hope you enjoy - I sure did!!!!

    Sunday, November 22, 2015

    You Always Remember Your First......

    My First GAFE Summit Presentation.
    Today was my first time presenting at an EdTechTeam Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Summit in Temecula, California. Although it was amazing to share my knowledge of how to "Clean up Your Dirty Drive" and I discover some new teacher tech trick along the way, my biggest take away from a GAFE Summit came from the last 10 minutes of the conference from two amazing presenters - Jennifer Scott (@Jentechnology) and Kate Petty(@techclassroom ).

    Saying good-bye to the other presenters seemed bitter sweet because it was amazing to connect with people that were passionate and like minded. However when I asked Jennifer what I should do between summits (while going through withdrawal)- she said the magical words - "Blog."

    Now I haven't written an official blog post since December 20, 2011 when I was in Jeff Heil's(@jheil65) Technology class while getting my Master's at the University of San Diego.  Back then, blogging was easy because it had a purpose - a grade! It was for a class and the whole class was required to read my posts. I was affirmed online (and in class) that what I was doing was great. After the class ended and I started my first year teaching I never felt like I had anything to say. I would always think, "I'm a first year teacher, who would care about my ups and down?" or "What is so special about what I have to say? - someone else has probably done it before." I would even go as far as saying "Who cares about my ideas?" Even 24 hours ago these same doubts were running through my head although my heart wanted to Blog it all.
    Kate Petty's Keynote 
    It wasn't until Kate Petty's (short but sweet) keynote about "What They Don't Tell You" that I decided to take the plunge and just put myself back on the Blog Scene. Kate Petty said "You need to surround yourself with people that understand and appreciate you. You need to find your 'tribe.'" My mind blew. I was always doubting myself because I was thinking people wouldn't care or people wouldn't understand. Never have I though that the people that would actually look for my posts are people that WANTED to hear what I have to say.

    This was powerful. It gave me affirmation to think of the world as my teaching circle. But it was what she said later that sent me STRAIGHT to my hotel and open my laptop. She mentioned how as "educators we see the values of student portfolios - so why don't teacher have one too?" Now I reflect on my lessons, my teaching and any professional development I attend. But it eventually gets lost in my drive under the hundreds of other things that happen during the school year. But when I got to my hotel I opened my computer and looked at that college Blog (http://msdavisthought.blogspot.com/). As I scrolled through I relived every moment of the course. I remembered every assignment, every detail, and every lesson I was supposed to have learned. Even almost 5 years later that experience was still fresh. Kate Petty was right. Jennifer Scott was right. Jeff Heil was right. Blog - Share - Be part of a community bigger than yourself! Now these people were right, but they never said it was going to be easy. (but then again what is easy in the world of teaching?)

    So this is my pledge. To Blog about the ups and downs of my classroom and to give techy tutorials along the way. It will be messy, it will be time consuming, but it will be MINE! I call it Mrs. K's Way because thought it all, it is how I decided to do things. And by sharing my journey, maybe....just maybe...someone else will then make it their own.

    You always remember your first. 
    Your first love.
    Your first day of school as a teacher.
    Your first #GAFEsummit presentation. 
    But more importantly, now I'll always remember, 
    My first blog post as Mrs. Kondrick.